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Angela began her yoga journey as a child, practicing with her mother.  She renewed her connection with yoga as an adult in 2000 exploring vinyasa flow and later, hot yoga and other styles.  Since renewing her love of yoga, Angela has maintained a steady practice in various limbs of yoga.  ​

In February 2015, she fulfilled a lifelong dream and attended yoga teacher training at Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand.  She began teaching immediately after becoming a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200).  ​

Angela is passionate about teaching hot yoga, yin and meditation. She focuses on her students engaging themselves in their own practice through body awareness, individual alignment and enjoyment in their practice. Angela believes that yoga is beneficial for everyone: from small children to adults in all shapes and forms. She believes that yoga is personal to the practitioner, but at all levels promotes physical and mental health, life balance, a sense of well-being, and better sleep.  ​

Angela continues to pursue education in yoga and health, as well as develop her own personal yoga and meditation practice. ​

This ongoing process of learning is part of what sparks the fresh insights that inspire her teaching. Angela's teaching style is intuitive, casual and fun. She engages her students, while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. You will leave her classes feeling enlivened, inspired and renewed. 


February 2015 - Absolute Yoga Academy (YA-RYT 200), Thailand

March 2016 - Yin Yoga Training (YA-RYT 30), Ottawa

September 2017 - Advanced Vinyasa Flow Training (YA-RYT 30), Ottawa




Laura was first introduced to yoga in 2011, when her twin sister asked her to join her for a Bikram yoga class. Unsure but also intrigued, Laura sped off to class after work…not knowing what she was getting herself into and definitely not knowing this was only the start of her yoga journey. She sweat and struggled her way through class, hoping each moment that the 90 minutes would soon be over. As she left class she was surprised by the way she felt. Yes, it was challenging but she left feeling alive and excited, eager for more. 

Two years later, Laura attended her 9-week Bikram Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. Since then she has consistently been teaching Bikram Yoga. She leads a variety of hot yoga classes including traditional 90 minute Bikram, 60 minute Bikram, 60 minute Absolute and most recently, vinyasa flow. She is continually educating herself with various styles of yoga, learning postures and modifications to create sequences that make yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their age or fitness level. 

Laura’s upbeat but challenging classes will motivate you to give 100%; to do your best in order to feel your best. Her goal is to inspire you to discover your best self, to feel the way she did after her first class; the way she still feels every time she practices - alive and excited! She aims to motivate her students to discover and surprise themselves through sharing her love of yoga in upbeat, challenging and accessible classes. 


Spring 2013 - Bikram's Yoga College of India, Los Angeles

September 2017 - Advanced Vinyasa Flow Training (YA-RYT 30), Ottawa

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