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The Spark Yoga Studio is a home studio with a separate studio entrance  

Currently the studio is holding Group Classes and Private Classes


If you are new to the Spark Studio, please contact us before taking your first class

All classes are all levels with modifications and options offered.


The popular and versatile series of Absolute Yoga offered in a 60 minute class.   This class brings a hint of flow to a set series of static postures in the traditional hot yoga style. An all over body workout designed for any level to keep you dedicated to your practice and watch your progress. Set to music & hot.


A vinyasa flow with time to find your best alignment and focus in each posture. This intentionally composed class opens and prepares your body to explore a peak posture.  Be prepared to move, sweat and play; leave feeling energized and open.  A whole body workout for all levels.  A fresh new flow introduced every 8 weeks.  Curated to music & hot. 60 mins (Express Flow-45mins) 


Gentle and relaxing with a focus on rest and rejuvenation.  Using blocks, bolsters and props to support your body in various postures, allowing you to passively stretch, release tension and achieve deep relaxation. Poses are held longer to encourage your parasympathtic nervous system to find balance, reduce stress and achieve a calm, meditiative state. Set to music & warm.


This 60 minute class is the perfect balance of energetic action to release and calming postures to soothe.  You will float through some of the familiar current Fit Flow opening your body and mind before you melt into some deeper Yin postures, leaving you feeling strong, balanced and feeling free! Curated to music &  hot.


Balance out your fitness regime with this 60 minute spin on the popular Absolute series.  Adding a little more flow provides a challenging class to stretch and strengthen while moving, sweating and building more core stability with a mind-body connection.  Empower your practice and watch it grow!

Set to music & hot.


Oh yeah... this 60 minute class will warm up your body slowly, moving you through a full range of movement and into a variety of postures to prepare your body for melting into some longer, more relaxed holds.  The overall effect leaves you

warm, melty and feelin' good. Curated to music & heated.


A modification of the Ashtanga primary series, the focus of this class is breathwork, Bhandas, inversions, and backbends, using a playful attitude with the “art of modification” to do what feels good in your body. You may find yourself flying into postures you never tried before or becoming more comfortable in ones that always seemed intimidating.  Let’s blast off!  Music, 60 mins & hot


Yin yoga helps you de-stress and unwind.  This practice uses passive postures held for a longer period of time to safely open your joint and fascia, while you relax in a warm, candlelit room with soft music.  This is the perfect complement to any active physical activity, bringing  balance to your mind and body. 
Set to music & warm. 60 mins 
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