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Iyengar Yoga Studio


Want to know what to expect in your online classes? 

You've come to the right place!  Read on yogi friends...

ALL classes are all levels with modifications and options offered. 

Choose the curated playlist to accompany your class or practice in peace - you choose!


The popular and versatile series of Absolute Yoga offered in a 60 minute class.   This class brings a hint of flow to a set series of static postures in the traditional hot yoga style that you can practice in any setting!  An all over body workout for any level to keep you dedicated to your practice and watch your progress.


Balance out your fitness regime with this 60 minute spin on the popular Absolute series.  Adding a little more flow provides a challenging class to stretch and strengthen while moving, sweating and building more core stability with a mind-body connection.  Empower your practice and watch it grow!


When you need a shorter vinyasa flow to enliven your body and mind, this is the class for you! This class may be short on time but it's full of purpose.  Open,  stretch, strengthen and activate your whole body.  Optimize your time and wield the power of engagement.  25-40 mins


A vinyasa flow with time to pause in the postures, allowing you to find you best alignment and focus. This intentionally composed class opens and prepares your body to explore a peak posture.  Be prepared to move, sweat and play; finish feeling energized and open.  A fresh new flow introduced every eight weeks. 

45-60 mins 


Oh yeah... this class will warm up your body slowly, moving you through a full range of movement and into a variety of postures to prepare your body for melting into some longer, more relaxed holds.  The overall effect leaves you

warm, melty and feelin' good.

30-45 mins


These short sessions will focus on something meaningful for the month of practice.   A short sequence to concentrate on an area of our body, mental focus, breathing exercise or emotion; or taking time to distill a posture more closely to incorporate in our practice. 10-20 mins


Get all your burning questions answered in a short focused session on a posture or particular area of practice.  Use these to enhance your personal connection and expand your practice.

 10-20 mins


Yin yoga helps you de-stress and unwind using passive postures held for a longer period of time to safely open your joints and fascia, while you relax.  The perfect complement to any active physical activity, bringing  balance to your mind and body.  Set yourself up with candles and the soft playlist for an added treat!  40 -60 mins 
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