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Want to Move with
Me online?



  • FIRE up your home practice?


  • FEEL inspired, motivated & connected?

  • DEVOTE to your fitness & well-being?

  • Have more ENERGY for you & loved ones?​

Imagine getting all of this in one place...You can!
I know the struggle balancing a busy life, demands on your time and finding space for your well-being. 
That's why this Online Studio was created - just for you! 

Your Online Studio is there for you. 
Use it for your full-time yoga go-to, to enrich your in-person practices or as a strong companion for your regular exercise routine.

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What do I get?

  • Unlimited access to a library of diverse on-demand video library of over 75 classes offered by teachers from all over the world.  ​

"Practicing online allowed me to push myself more to try new things at my own pace without interrupting others.

Angela is an inspiring, dedicated and generous teacher." ~ Marlene

Practice in the morning, afternoon, evening, or all three!  You get the freedom to choose!

Ignite your practice with unlimited access for only $9 a month 

are challenging, uplifting and renewing for your mind, body & soul

vary in focus, length and style to ease them into your busy schedule, keep you moving, motivated and balanced

in a variety in of vinyasa flow, hatha, slow flow, yin, tutorials and more!

Your Online Studio Classes...

"Practicing with Angela online showed me that home practice is fantastic for my lifestyle. I do not need to be in the studio for motivation.  It allows me to choose the class that is best for my body on that day. I love the "surprise" of what a yoga class brings and with on-line classes and that are updated monthly I totally got this!" ~ Melissa

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What do Spark Yogis say?

The best way to know how a new experience might feel for you is to hear it straight from those who have done it before you. 

Hear it all from the Spark Yoga community - yogis from all different backgrounds, bodies, years of practice and approaches...and just like you!


"I’d never really gone to classes at a studio more than once a week, but having access to online classes I could do at home anytime really allowed me to see the benefits that a regular yoga practice can have in your life. I was also surprised by how connected you feel to Angela and the rest of the Spark Yoga community, even though you’re "just" practising online."

~ Erinn


"Through my regular practice with Spark Yoga, I’ve gained a deeper sense of calm and clarity that I can tap into when life inevitably gets a little stressful and crazy! My practice is a reminder that there is a different, calmer, gentler way of being in the world, and the more I practice, the easier it gets to tap into that state of mind."



"My job is VERY physical.  Spark Yoga has definitely helped with my recovery time and preventing injuries while improving my flexibility and stamina.  Your Online Studio gives me time to show gratitude to my body and all it does for me. It has helped to transform my inner dialogue."



"Practicing online with Angela allowed me to integrate a daily yoga practice into my life, something I have been trying to do for years. As a busy, working mom, it was hard for me to attend studio classes more then once a week. I tried a daily yoga practice with youtube videos, but my motivation soon faltered. The Online Studio gives me the flexibility to practice when I want, with a level of yoga that challenges me and keeps me engaged."


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