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The Spark Studio is now open to Private Classes and Group Classes!
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New to Spark Yoga?  -  a little info for you here

Spark Yoga STudio

Spark Yoga is a semi-private home studio with a separate studio entrance.  

At Spark Yoga we believe that yoga is for everybody. We offer a mix of classes that are creative, intentionally sequenced and inclusive to all levels and all bodies; offering modifications to allow your practice to be right for you.  Choose a class to suit your desires.

Spark Yoga teachers are warm, welcoming and eager to assist you in your yoga journey. You will be encouraged to relax and have fun with your practice; playing with your limits.

Please respect the sanctuary of the yoga space by remaining silent during practice and leaving quietly if your fellow yogis are still laying in final savasana. We appreciate you following all COVID safety procedures.

If you are new to the Spark studio, please contact us before your first class. 

COVID & SPark STudio - A guide

COVID-19 has affected us all and everyone has made adjustments to their everyday lives. At Spark Studio we have also had to adjust to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Life has uncertainties and some level of risk, however if we work together we can minimize our risks and enjoy our practice together!    In community, we thrive.  Let's all do our part.


If the answer is YES to any of the questions, please stay home and check out our Online Classes instead.

As of September 22, 2021, new regulations impact the studio as a fitness facility. Please note: as per the regulations in order to participate in a class at the studio, we are required to see proof of your double vaccination and photo ID.  


  • CLASSES - size reduced to max. 5 people offered in single classes and sessions. See Schedule for classes and sign up.

  • CLEANING - we have always kept the Spark Studio sparkling!  We added additional touch point cleaning along with hand washing and mask protocols to help reduce risk. 

  • MATS, TOWELS & PROPS -  All props are cleaned and available for use if you desire.  We encourage you to bring your own.  Towels and mats are available to rent for $2.  Mat cleaner will be available. We do have props to purchase if you're interested. 

  • ASSISTS - we're not currently offering hands on assists.  As much as we love to help you in this way, we're hands off instruction for now! 

  • HUMIDITY & HEAT - are on full according to the class.  Medical studies show that higher humidity reduces the transmission of the flu virus but Covid-19 is new and studies are still being done.  Check out this recent study and decide what feels most comfortable and safe for you.

  • AIR FILTRATION & FLOW - a true HEPA 3 stage air filter has been added that filters out 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron, like pollen, dust, and viruses.  This is the reccomended requirement for Covid.  As always, the in studio fan exchanges the air after every class and brings in fresh air when needed.

  • MASKS - just like you, teachers will wear their masks to the mat and from mat to exit.


  • BEFORE EVERY CLASS ask yourself the Covid screening questions above.  If you answer YES to any of the questions, please stay home and check out an online class instead.  

  • SHOW PROOF OF DOUBLE VACCINATION - you must provide proof of being double vaccinated (paper or downloaded copy) along with photo ID to us prior to entering the studio space for the first time after Sept. 22, 2021.  We will only ask for this once.

  • MATS, TOWELS and PROPS - we encourage you to bring your own, however all props are cleaned and available for use if you desire.  Towels and mats are available to rent for $2 (first class excepted)  Mat cleaner will be available. (Mats and props are available for purchase if desired)

  • MASKS - wear your mask when you enter the house and to your mat.  On your mat masks are optional.  Wear your mask when you step off your mat and until you leave.  

  • WASH YOUR HANDS - everyone is asked to wash or sanitze their hands before entering the studio space.

  • CANCELLATION - we understand that sometimes unexpected things arise, however with our limited capacity please respect our cancellation policy, it will be ahdered to.

  • PATIENCE - with yourself, each other and the studio.  Please recognize that we are doing our best to continue to offer you classes in the studio that are fun and safe for everyone.  We may have to make some adjustments and changes along the way.  We know that in this Spark Yoga community we can do this together!  THANK YOU for being a part of it.  

Have questions that weren't answered here?  Contact us and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Thank you for being a part of the Spark Yoga Community.  Let's practice safely, together.

Spark Studio
Spark Studio

Inviting studio space for your practice.

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Spark Studio
Spark Studio

Bright and warm space to inspire your practice.

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Welcome to Spark Yoga
Welcome to Spark Yoga

Spark teachers will welcome you here with space for all the things you don't need in the studio!

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Spark Studio
Spark Studio

Inviting studio space for your practice.

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Not quite ready to return to the Studio?  That's okay. I understand. 
Your wellness starts with doing what feels right for you and your loved ones. 
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Move, play and challenge yourself with me, in your space.