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The Spark Studio is now open to Private Classes and Group Classes!
Practice with me anytime in Your Online Studio with on-demand access

New to Spark Yoga?  -  a little info for you here

Mission, Vision, Values

Spark Yoga is a semi-private home studio with a separate studio entrance, delivering a sacred, welcoming space for all who attend. 

At Spark Yoga we believe that yoga is for everybody. We offer a mix of classes that are creative, intentionally sequenced and inclusive to all levels and all bodies; offering modifications to allow your practice to be right for you.  Choose a class to suit your desires.

Spark Yoga Teachers are warm, welcoming and eager to assist you in your yoga journey. You will be encouraged to relax and have fun with your practice; playing with your limits.

Please respect the sanctuary of the yoga space by remaining silent during practice and leaving quietly if your fellow yogis are still laying in final savasana.

If you are new to the Spark studio, please contact us before your first class. 

Studio info


  • CLASSES - full capacity with a comfortable amount of space between mats. See Schedule for classes and sign up.

  • CLEANING - we have always kept the Spark Studio sparkling!  To help reduce risk, we added additional touch point cleaning.

  • MATS, TOWELS & PROPS -  All props are cleaned and available for use if you desire. Towels and mats are available to rent for $2. We do have props to purchase if you're interested. 

  • HUMIDITY & HEAT - are on full according to the class.  Check out this recent study and decide what feels most comfortable and safe for you.

  • AIR FILTRATION & FLOW - a true HEPA 3 stage air filter has been added that filters out 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron, like pollen, dust, and viruses.  This is the recommended requirement for Covid.  As always, the in studio fan exchanges the air after every class and brings in fresh air when needed.

  • ASSISTS - some teachers are making our way back to offering hands on assists for those who welcome them.  We will always get your permission first. 


  • SELF-SCREEN - If you are feeling unwell, please stay home and check out an online class instead.  

  • MATS, TOWELS and PROPS - you are welcome to bring your own or rent from us for $2 each (first class excepted).  Please clean any props after use.

  • MASKS - are optional.  

  • CANCELLATION - we understand that sometimes unexpected things arise, however with our limited capacity please respect our cancellation policy, it will be ahdered to.

  • INFORM & EMPOWER - Inform your teacher if you have any injuries prior to class.  If you are offered a hands on assist and you aren't comfortable with it, feel Empowered to say no.  Teachers are here to help you with your practice; the better informed we are, the more fulfilling your practice will be.

  • PATIENCE & RESPECT - with yourself, each other and the studio.  When we all follow the guidelines, practice is most enjoyable for everyone.  

Have questions that weren't answered here?  Contact us and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Thank you for being a part of the Spark Yoga Community. We can't wait to see you on your mat!

Not quite ready to return to the Studio or your schedule makes it challenging?  That's okay. I understand. 
Your wellness starts with doing what feels right for you and your loved ones, and what fits your needs. 
Check out Your Online Studio and we'll connect there! 
Move, play and challenge yourself with me and other teachers, in your space.  

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