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Healthy EATS

Hi!  Welcome to the little corner of my site where
I share what I am passionate about outside of yoga...healthy food that fills your belly, body and soul.  I believe in eating whole foods and finding a balance between everything - not following strict rules of a particular diet, or always limiting yourself but truly finding what fuels and nourishes your body.  Whether my food approach resonates with you or you do something totally different, I hope you find a recipe or two here to help you on your way! 

I post when I'm inspired or cook an old or new favourite.  These are tried and true recipes for me.  Feel free to reach out with questions and let me know what you think!  Bon appetit!  

Spark Yoga food blog

Did you come here for the food and also find you're a little curious about moving with me? 

Check out my online studio and in person classes or shoot me an email - I'd love to connect!

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