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Studio Cancellation Policy*

We understand that life is busy and unplanned things arise.  Our cancellation policy is designed to be fair to everyone, respecting the limited mat spaces in the studio and all yogis alike. 


Refund Policy:

Drop-ins, class passes, events and memberships are non-refundable.  You can cancel any booked class in your customer dashboard up to 6 hours* prior to start of the class and you will not be charged.  Cancellations made within 6 hours* of the start of class will be fully charged.


For cancellations made prior to the 6 hours before class:

  • Classes purchased using a subscription/pack will automatically be added back into your subscription/pack.

  • Classes that weren't purchased using a subscription/pack will be returned as credits to your customer account.

Late Cancellations:

Any booked class that is cancelled within 72 hours of the start of class will be marked as a Late Cancellation.  This will be tracked by the month.  The first Late Cancellation in that month will be no charge; every subsequent Late Cancellation in that month will be a $10 charge.  


Why Do We Have Fees for Late Cancels? - Think of it like booking any other appointment. Our special little studio is small and with limited mat spaces.  When your booking holds a mat space it means it's not available to anyone else. We currently have an exceptionally high number of class cancellations prior to class. Many spaces are booked well in advance and then cancelled within a few days or hours of class starting.  This makes the class unavailable for other people who want to attend but can't, and then make other plans or even cancel their membership because they can't get in to class.  Then closer to the day of class many mat spaces open back up again, leaving them empty. This is both challenging for the studio and for the students who are trying to get in to classes. The waitlist works really great for some people, but not for those who do need to plan ahead of time. These fees are meant to assist everyone in planning your yoga and making it easier for all to get in to classes.


*subject to change

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