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Welcome to
Your Online Studio

This is your space to dedicate some time for you to move,explore, challenge
and renew body, mind & soul. 
 Keep coming back to refuel and refresh, taking that sense of strength and calm with you. 

Practice anytime, anywhere and as often as you wish with on-demand access to this extensive video library! 

Unlimited access with monthly membership for only $9/month!

Single videos available to rent and use for 3 days for $4.99 each 


Already a member of Your Online Studio or ready to rent or view the library of classes? 


What do Spark Yogis say?

The best way to know how a new experience might feel for you is to hear it straight from those who have done it before you. 

Hear it all from the Spark Yoga community - yogis from all different backgrounds, bodies, years of practice and approaches...and just like you!



"I’d never really gone to classes at a studio more than once a week, but having access to online classes I could do at home anytime really allowed me to see the benefits that a regular yoga practice can have in your life. I was also surprised by how connected you feel to Angela and the rest of the Spark Yoga community, even though you’re "just" practising online."

~ Erinn


"Through my regular practice with Spark Yoga, I’ve gained a deeper sense of calm and clarity that I can tap into when life inevitably gets a little stressful and crazy! My practice is a reminder that there is a different, calmer, gentler way of being in the world, and the more I practice, the easier it gets to tap into that state of mind."



"My job is VERY physical.  Spark Yoga has definitely helped with my recovery time and preventing injuries while improving my flexibility and stamina.  Your Online Studio gives me time to show gratitude to my body and all it does for me. It has helped to transform my inner dialogue."



"Practicing online with Angela allowed me to integrate a daily yoga practice into my life, something I have been trying to do for years. As a busy, working mom, it was hard for me to attend studio classes more then once a week. I tried a daily yoga practice with youtube videos, but my motivation soon faltered. The Online Studio gives me the flexibility to practice when I want, with a level of yoga that challenges me and keeps me engaged."


Your Online Studio

Align your body, mind & soul
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