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Flow Basics

Understanding the foundations of your flow class is an essential building block for an enjoyable, injury free and strong flow practice.  Join Angela for a fun two hour session that dives deep into the basics of a flow series including Sun Salutations A &B. 

MARCH 26, 2023

$35 per person

In this workshop you will:

  • understand the keys to a healthy chaturanga

  • discover -really, what's an up-dog?

  • learn why down-dog is different for everybody

  • unravel the mysteries of phrases like "wrap your triceps", "spread /or protract your shoulder blades", "ground through your feet" and many more

  • find the right modifications and feel the proper alignment specifically for you in Sun Salutations A & B

  • learn more about your practice and yourself


Ask us after class or email us!

Sign up via website, payment via cash or e-transfer to secure your spot today!

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